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The chair as a place of knowledge exchange
We see the university as a place of research and knowledge exchange and deal with the future of education and further education as one of our core tasks.

Practical experience with credit points
As a strongly networked scientific institution, the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems offers lecturers and students excellent opportunities for cooperation with external partners from practice. In consistent use of this potential, teaching formats are promoted in which research and practice are actively integrated into teaching. This includes, for example, inviting students to participate in studies or offering practice-oriented case study seminars in cooperation with our internationally active corporate cooperations.

The balance between challenging and encouraging
We have an early eye on young talents and support young scientists and students in particular in their scientific (further) qualification. This includes, in particular, the intensive supervision of final theses and research work accompanying our research projects as well as the further development of internal teaching innovations. We are constantly developing didactics, curricula and teaching organisations and using technical innovations to make learning more active, individualised and motivating

Latest news for students

Stellenangebot im Bereich Plattformen 

Bewerbungsdeadline 01.07.22

Stellenangebot im Bereich Öffentlichkeitsarbeit 

Bewerbungsdeadline 01.07.22

Stellenangebot im Bereich AR/VR/Metaverse

Bewerbungsdeadline 15.07.22

Lehrveranstaltungen sind jetzt auf der LSWI Website integriert 

Data Scientist gesucht! (Master)
Der Lehrstuhl für Sozialstrukturanalyse und soziale Ungleichheit sucht zum nächst möglichen Zeitpunkt einen Wirtschaftsinformatiker mit Erfahrung in Python oder R.

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