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The digital transformation opens up great opportunities for business and administration
Our research focuses on socio-technical systems in business and administration, whose efficiency, quality, competitiveness and satisfaction are to be increased. Special attention is paid to the human being in interaction with increasingly autonomous systems. Self-organisation, autonomy and emergence raise numerous research questions, among others regarding their measurement and evaluation of empirical evidence of their effectiveness, but also regarding their generation, e.g. in adaptable socio-technical systems.

We develop innovative solutions 
To assess the interaction of the working person with technology, we develop, use and improve models, e.g. of the exchange and generation of knowledge. We pursue design-oriented, experimental model-, evidence- and laboratory-based research approaches and work on an increasing automation of model generation, e.g. of business processes. The concrete application manifests itself in our outstanding research centers, which are an international center of attraction for research and application.

Five interdisciplinary research groups 
Five interdisciplinary research groups contribute to actively shaping the digital change. The basis for this is provided by the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre, which is unique in the German-speaking world and combines automation technology, logistics, robotics and operational application systems in a software-integrated, real-time learning factory. Here, questions from practice are transferred into research and scientific findings are prepared for society. With numerous research and joint projects, we actively contribute to making knowledge effective and enabling progress.


Research Groups

The research at the Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems is committed to the challenges of digital transformation in business and society. In doing so, both scientific fundamentals as well as market and technology relevant topics are developed. The research and application centers located at the chair enable innovative cooperation between university and business - whether studies, consulting, seminars, workshops or long-term joint research projects. The close connection to industry, trade and the software industry is always a driving force for the five interdisciplinary research groups:

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Digital Platforms

Research profile


Digital Processes

The future for corporate success through information systems and business processes


Sustainable Change

Increase the adaptability of systems to changing requirements.


Knowledge, Learning, Training

The transfer and absorption of knowledge in times of digitalisation.

Decision Management

Decisions, their consequences and how we deal with them.

Factory software

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things and Manufacturing Analytics

Recent research projects