LSWI wins Best Paper Award - 2020 GMW conference

Congratulations to our research assistants Bonny Brandenburger und Gergana Vladova who won the Best Paper Award of the 2020 GMW Conference in the long paper category with their paper called Technology-enhanced learning in Higher Education - Insights from a qualitative study on university-integrated makerspaces in six European countries.

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27th Annual Conference of the Society for Media in Science e.V.

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From 24 to 26 August 2020, the GMW Tagung took place in Winterthur (Switzerland) as a hybrid conference under the heading Seamless Learning - enabling lifelong, continuous learning. We met winner and first author Bonny Brandenburger and had her tell us about the highlights of her paper.

LSWI: Dear Bonny, congratulations on the best paper award! What exactly is your paper about?

Bonny: The paper deals with the question of how the higher education of tomorrow can look like. Open workshops or makerspaces offer a first approach on how to enable application-oriented, self-determined and technology-based learning. With the help of expert interviews in different university-integrated makerspaces in six European countries, the article provides, among other things, an insight into which factors favor the emergence of a robust maker community in nevertheless relatively rigid university structures and which aspects are characteristic for making-based learning.

LSWI: Do you have a personal connection to this topic?

Bonny: I have personally experienced how tinkering and learning in open workshops can strengthen confidence in one's own critically-reflective technology design - in my eyes a special aspect in the context of a digital society.