Specialist congress on factory software

Factory software increasingly determines the competitiveness of manufacturing companies. It is no longer sufficient to deal only with office IT. Instead, all levels of the automation pyramid have to be considered - from the company level to the field level. In combination with new technologies, processes can be quickly and easily adapted to individual and changing customer requirements and made more efficient. However, the consistent integration of such technologies does not remain without consequences and fundamentally changes the interaction between people, technology and organisation.


Final competition Factory Software of the Year: 16.11.2020 - Online Event
Trade Congress Factory Software 2020: 23.11.2020 - Online Event

Do you know how many suppliers are on the road in the digital factory?

One of the most exciting areas of digital transformation can be found in our factories: more and more software products are being used there. A current market study by my chair, which will be published in early 2021, has identified over 1700 systems from almost 1000 suppliers. What these systems can do and how you can turn your factory into a Digital Factory, you can also find out in our two-day online congress Factory Software.

Factory Software of the Year: We are looking for the best factory software products

1st category "automation and process control"
This category honours new, innovative approaches to decentralised and centralised automation, the application of which leads to a measurable improvement in production processes.

2nd category "Platforms"
This category honours solutions that enable the intelligent linking and evaluation of large amounts of data from different sources.

3rd category "Digital Factory"
This category honours solutions that enable the successful implementation of the digital factory. Included are in particular also solutions for the digital twin as well as the intelligently linked factory within the framework of the Smart Factory.

Getting into conversation with experts

You can expect top-class speakers from science and practice. Prof. Dr-Ing. Norbert Gronau, Director of the Center for Enterprise Research, will present requirements for the future of factory (software) in his keynote speech. This will be followed by lectures on the following topics:

  • New requirements for MES solutions in industry 4.0
  • Effects of intelligent process networking on the automation pyramid
  • Industry 4.0 interoperability for automation
  • Digital Twins in the context of Industry 4.0
  • Successful implementation of real-time requirements in the factory
  • Using product life cycle data in a targeted manner
  • Successful integration of factory software into existing factory environment

... and many more


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Final competition Factory Software of the Year: 16.11.2020 - Online Event
Trade Congress Factory Software 2020: 23.11.2020 - Online Event

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