AR App | Digitaler Twin

AR-App for the visualisation of the digital twin in Zentrum Industrie 4.0

New view on value networks: collaborative digital twin 

Decentrally organised, medium-sized production and supplier networks are characteristic of mechanical and plant engineering. Industry 4.0 technologies can contribute to competitive advantages here by making cooperation in these value-added networks efficient. This includes the approach of a digital twin, which collects, prepares and presents plant-related data in usable form as a digital representation of machines. In addition to internet-based control concepts within the factory, we are already researching the cross-factory, international networking of production sites and are investigating the extension of modern planning and organisational principles to company-wide production networks and entire supply chains.

Latest development: Application for the recognition of cyber-physical workpieces

The simulation environment of the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre offers a comprehensive testbed for new concepts and technologies in the industrial manufacturing context. As a supplementary function module of the simulation environment, an application for the recognition of cyber-physical workpieces and dynamic information provision was designed and prototypically implemented in a student project. The AR application can be used on a head-mounted (HMD) or handheld device by simulation participants. By visualising the digital twin of the workpieces, the simulation participant is enabled to increase immersion during the simulation.

Augmented Reality at the Centre for Industry 4.0

Augmented Reality is already in use in a wide variety of areas in the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre. However, this new application offers great potential for supplementing the simulation, especially by linking real-time information of the workpieces. The worker receives specific information, smart visualised, in real time and is thus supported in the work process.

Experience digital twins live in the Industry 4.0 centre

If you would like to experience the AR application or the Zentrum Industrie 4.0 live, please visit the website of the Centre for Industry 4.0 and register for the free guided tours which take place regularly.