05/2020 Proceedings

Vladova, Gergana | Renz, André | Heuts, Alexander

Ready to innovate? A self-assessment tool for schools on the edge towards digital education


The paper presents a self-assessment framework for schools with the aim of giving schools the opportunity to assess the degree of digitalisation of their institution and to derive measures for implementation. The self-evaluation also serves to identify potential for innovative learning strategies and to enter into active networking with other schools that are in the process of digital transformation. The framework is adaptive, modifiable and extendable during the digitalisation process. Even though new educational technologies have been in development for decades, they have not yet had the promised transformative effect on the education sector, as they did not become necessary until very recently. However, the need for digital educational tools and concepts became a reality overnight, driven by the COVID-19 crisis, which confronted schools with their own strengths and weaknesses, possibilities and limits within the strategic and operative context of their educational processes.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Vladova, Gergana; Renz, André; Heuts, Alexander
Datum 05/2020
Konferenztitel Paper presented at The ISPIM Innovation Conference – Innovating in Times of Crisis, 7-10 June 2020
pp. 1 - 12
Verlag LUT Scientific and Expertise Publications
DOI ISBN 978-952-335-466-1
Keywords digitalisation, schools, COVID 19, self-assessment