Bender, Benedict | Teichmann, Malte | Ullrich, André

Mobile IIoT Technologies as a Success Factor for Manufacturing and Learning Scenarios - Systematization and Application


The aim of this paper is to show on the basis of which classification features IIoT technologies can be systematized in the future in order to be able to use them in a goal-oriented manner in concrete training situations for the competence development of the employees involved. To this end, the first step is to draw attention to those competence facets which, when designed in a context-sensitive manner, contribute in their entirety to maintaining the ability of employees to act in the light of new task profiles. In the second step, which is the core of the paper, literature analysis and a "practical check" are used to identify those classification features of IIoT technologies that encompass the totality of possible manifestations of IIoT technologies and to examine them in terms of their practical classification. Particular attention is paid to those applications that are characterized by a strong proximity to practical "hands-on" activities on the shopfloor. In this specific case, the focus is on so-called mobile IIoT technologies. The proposal for systematization can be used for the future classification of new technologies and offers itself as a starting point for further applications. Finally, existing didactic challenges are presented in the light of the competence development of employees. Based on the previous work, a learning scenario is positioned in the mirror of adult-oriented teaching and it is shown how selected and systematized technologies can be used to train relevant competencies. The paper concludes with a summary and an outlook.

Category Proceedings
Authors Bender, Benedict; Teichmann, Malte; Ullrich, André
Conference Title Industrial Internet of Things in der Arbeits- und Betriebsorganisation