12/2021 Proceedings

Haase, Jennifer | Thim, Christof | Bender, Benedict

Expanding Modeling Notations: Requirements for Creative Process Modeling


Creativity is a common aspect of business processes and thus needs a proper representation through process modeling notations. However, creative processes constitute highly flexible process elements, as new and unforeseeable outcome is developed. This presents a challenge for modeling languages. Current methods representing creative-intensive work are rather less able to capture creative specifics which are relevant to successfully run and manage these processes. We outline the concept of creative-intensive processes and present an example from a game design process in order to derive critical process aspects relevant for its modeling. Six aspects are detected, with first and foremost: process flexibility, as well as temporal uncertainty, experience, types of creative problems, phases of the creative process and individual criteria. By first analyzing what aspects of creative work modeling notations already cover, we further discuss which modeling extensions need to be developed to better represent creativity within business processes. We argue that a proper representation of creative work would not just improve the management of those processes, but can further enable process actors to more efficiently run these creative processes and adjust them to better fit to the creative needs.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Haase, Jennifer; Thim, Christof; Bender, Benedict
Erscheinungsort Cham
Datum 12/2021
Konferenztitel Business Process Management Workshops
pp. 197-208
Verlag Springer International Publishing
DOI https://www.researchgate.net/publication/357094440_Expanding_modeling_notations_requirements_for_creative_process_modeling_-_accepted_for_publication
ISBN 978-3-030-94343-1