09/2011 Proceedings

Gronau, Norbert | Weber, Edzard | Heinze, Priscilla | Thim, Christof

Cyclic process model transformation


Process analysis usually focuses only on single and selected processes. It is either existent processes that are recorded and analysed or reference processes that are implemented. So far no evident effort has been put into generalising specific process aspects into patterns and comparing those patterns with regard to their efficiency and effectiveness. This article focuses on the combination of dynamic and holistic analytical elements in enterprise architectures. Our goal is to outline an approach to analyse the development of business processes in a cyclical matter and demonstrate this approach based on an existent modelling language. We want to show that organisational learning can derive from the systematic analysis of past and existent processes from which patterns of successful problem solving can be deducted.

Kategorie Proceedings
Autoren Gronau, Norbert; Weber, Edzard; Heinze, Priscilla; Thim, Christof
Bandtitel European Conference on Knowledge Management
Datum 09/2011
pp. 349 - 359
Verlag Academic Conferences Ltd.
Keywords Prozessmanagement, Model Transformation