06/2022 Journal contributions

Future data organization in ERP systems - an analysis of established database approaches


The digital transformation places new demands on enterprise systems. ERP systems in particular are struggling to meet the new requirements from Industry 4.0, multichannel commerce, Industrial Internet of Things, and others at all levels of their architecture. This paper shows the need to rethink the overall architecture of the systems and address the related problems at the origin. Many limitations to the adaptability of ERP systems are related to the standardization of data. Databases serve as the foundation for storing and retrieving data, but they limit the flexibility of enterprise systems and the ability to adapt to new requirements. Six database concepts for ERP systems were examined to show ERP vendors how database concepts can be combined to create future-proof solutions.

Category Journal contributions
Journal ERP Management
Date 06/2022
Volume 18
Edition 3
pp. 55-62
Publisher GITO
DOI 10.30844/ERP_22-3_55-62
Keywords Database, enterprise system, ERP system, requirements, problems, future