10/2019 Journalbeiträge

Pousttchi, Key | Gleiß, Alexander

Surrounded by middlemen- how multi-sided platforms change the insurance industry


Multi-sided platforms (MSP) strongly affect markets and play a crucial part within the digital and networked economy. Although empirical evidence indicates their occurrence in many industries, research has not investigated the game-changing impact of MSP on traditional markets to a sufficient extent. More specifically, we have little knowledge of how MSP affect value creation and customer interaction in entire markets, exploiting the potential of digital technologies to offer new value propositions. Our paper addresses this research gap and provides an initial systematic approach to analyze the impact of MSP on the insurance industry. For this purpose, we analyze the state of the art in research and practice in order to develop a reference model of the value network for the insurance industry. On this basis, we conduct a case-study analysis to discover and analyze roles which are occupied or even newly created by MSP. As a final step, we categorize MSP with regard to their relation to traditional insurance companies, resulting in a classification scheme with four MSP standard types: Competition, Coordination, Cooperation, Collaboration.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Pousttchi, Key; Gleiß, Alexander
Zeitschrift Electronic Markets
Datum 10/2019
Volume 29
Ausgabe 4
pp. 1 - 25
Verlag Springer Verlag
DOI http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s12525-019-00363-w
Keywords multi-sided platforms, insurance industry, value network, digitalization, customer ownership