04/2021 Journalbeiträge

Gleiß, Alexander | Lewandowski, Stefanie

Removing barriers for digital health through organizing ambidexterity in hospitals


Aim Hospitals noticeably struggle with maintaining hundreds of IT systems and applications in compliance with the latest IT standards and regulations. Thus, hospitals search for efficient opportunities to discover and integrate useful digital health innovations into their existing IT landscapes. In addition, although a multitude of digital innovations from digital health startups enter the market, numerous barriers impede their successful implementation and adoption. Against this background, the aim of this study was to explore typical digital innovation barriers in hospitals, and to assess how a hospital data management platform (HDMP) architecture might help hospitals to extract such innovative capabilities. Subject and methods Based on the concept of organizational ambidexterity (OA), we pursued a qualitative mixed-methods approach. First, we explored and consolidated innovation barriers through a systematic literature review, interviews with 20 startup representatives, and a focus group interview with a hospital IT team and the CEO of an HDMP provider. Finally, we conducted a case-study analysis of 36 digital health startups to explore and conceptualize the potential impact of DI and apply the morphological method to synthesize our findings from a multi-level perspective. Results We first provide a systematic and conceptual overview of typical barriers for digital innovation in hospitals. Hereupon, we explain how an HDMP might enable hospitals to mitigate such barriers and extract value from digital innovations at both individual and organizational level. Conclusion Our results imply that an HDMP can help hospitals to approach organizational ambidexterity through integrating and maintaining hundreds of systems and applications, which allows for a structured and controlled integration of external digital innovations.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Gleiß, Alexander; Lewandowski, Stefanie
Zeitschrift Journal of Public Health
Datum 04/2021
Volume 29
Ausgabe Online FIrst
pp. 1-15
Verlag Springer Verlag
DOI https://doi.org/10.1007/s10389-021-01532-y
Keywords digital health, hospitals, organizational ambidexterity, clinical data management platform
ISSN 1613-2238