01/2013 Journalbeiträge

Mueller, Elisabeth | Vladova, Gergana

Intellectual Property Management Practices at Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) contribute to innovation and economic growth, despite their resource shortages and lack of professional intellectual property (IP) management practices. Drawing on social practice theory and combining insights from recent scholarship on IP strategies and its management, this paper examines the cases of three pharmaceutical SME providing insights into how they appropriate returns on research and development (R&D) investments. It discusses their IP strategies and management practices, examining how the IP management practices are embedded in the firm's organisational structure. Moreover, this paper develops recommendations for SME regarding the professionalisation of their IP management practices.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Mueller, Elisabeth; Vladova, Gergana
Zeitschrift International Journal of Technology Management
Datum 01/2013
Ausgabe 61(1)
pp. 64-81
DOI 504/IJTM.2013.050244