01/2022 Journal contributions

Bender, Benedict | Körppen, Tim

Integriert statt isoliert - Technologien für die erfolgreiche Umsetzung von datengetriebenem Management


The fact that data and analyses are innovation drivers and no longer just represent a hygiene factor is nowadays understood by many companies. An important step for the development of this hidden potential is the target-oriented utilization of the existing data stocks in one's own company. In doing so, many companies face the hurdle of complex system landscapes and isolated data stocks. This article provides an overview of solutions for analysis-oriented data integration and helps decision-makers to select a suitable technology for their own company.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Bender, Benedict; Körppen, Tim
Journal Digital Business Cloud
Date 01/2022
Edition 1
pp. 26-27
DOI https://www.digitalbusiness-cloud.de/wp-content/uploads/leseprobe-digital-business-cloud-magazin-ausgabe-1-2022.pdf
Keywords Data analytics, Data requirements, Software selection