01/2022 Journal contributions

Bender, Benedict | Heine, Moreen

Government as a Platform? The Power of Platforms to support Personalization of Public Services


Digital platforms, by their design, allow the coordination of multiple entities to achieve a common goal. In the public sector, different understandings of the platform concept prevail. To guide the development and further re-search a coherent understanding is required. To address this gap, we identify the constitutive elements of platforms in the public sector. Moreover, their potential to coordinate partially autonomous entities as typical for federal organized states is highlighted. This study contributes through a uniform understanding of public service platforms by providing a framework with constitutive elements, that may guide future analysis. Apart from chance regarding coordination, platforms are well suited to support contextual eGovernment targets. Among them is service personalization. Highly individualized service offerings support targets such as No Stop government. To this end, the paper extends the framework for service personalization in the public sector and exemplifies related aspects using a reference case.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Bender, Benedict; Heine, Moreen
Journal Journal of Data Intelligence
Date 01/2022
Volume 3
Edition 1
pp. 169-187
Publisher Rinton Press
DOI 10.26421/JDI3.1-5
Keywords Public service platforms, Digital platforms, Government as a platform, Public sector, Platform economy, Federal states