05/2017 Journalbeiträge

Gronau, Norbert | Ullrich, André | Teichmann, Malte

Development of the Industrial IoT Competences in the Areas of Organization, Process, and Interaction based on the Learning Factory Concept


Lately, first implementation approaches of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies penetrate industrial value-adding processes. Within this, the competence requirements for employees are changing. Employees‘ organization, process, and interaction competences are of crucial importance in this new IoT environment, however, in students and vocational training not sufficiently considered yet. On the other hand, conventional learning factories evolve and transform to digital learning factories. Nevertheless, the integration of IoT technology and its usage for training in digital learning factories has been largely neglected thus far. Existing learning factories do not explicitly and properly consider IoT technology, which leads to deficiencies regarding an appropriate development of employees‘ Industrial IoT competences. The goal of this contribution is to point out a didactic concept that enables development and training of these new demanded competences by using an IoT laboratory. For this purpose, a design science approach is applied. The result of this contribution is a didactic concept for the development of Industrial IoT competences in an IoT laboratory.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Gronau, Norbert; Ullrich, André; Teichmann, Malte
Zeitschrift Procedia Manufacturing
Datum 05/2017
Ausgabe 9
pp. 294 - 301
Verlag Elsevier
DOI https://doi.org/10.1016/j.promfg.2017.04.029
Keywords Digital Learning Factory, Industrial IoT Competences, Student Training, Vocational Training
ISSN 2351-9789