03/2021 Journalbeiträge

Grum, Marcus | Hiessl, Werner | Maresch, Karl | Gronau, Norbert

Design of a Neuronal Training Modeling Language: Exemplified with the AI-Based Dynamic GUI Adaption


As the complexity of learning task requirements, computer infrastruc- tures and knowledge acquisition for artificial neuronal networks (ANN) is in- creasing, it is challenging to talk about ANN without creating misunderstandings. An efficient, transparent and failure-free design of learning tasks by models is not supported by any tool at all. For this purpose, particular the consideration of data, information and knowledge on the base of an integration with knowledge- intensive business process models and a process-oriented knowledge manage- ment are attractive. With the aim of making the design of learning tasks express- ible by models, this paper proposes a graphical modeling language called Neu- ronal Training Modeling Language (NTML), which allows the repetitive use of learning designs. An example ANN project of AI-based dynamic GUI adaptation exemplifies its use as a first demonstration.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Grum, Marcus; Hiessl, Werner; Maresch, Karl; Gronau, Norbert
Zeitschrift AIS Transactions on Enterprise Systems
Datum 03/2021
Ausgabe 5
Verlag AIS Transactions on Enterprise Systems
DOI 10.30844/aistes.v5i1.20
Keywords AI and Business Informatics, Development of AI-based Systems, AI-Based Decision Support System, Cooperative AI (Human-In-The-Loop), Process-oriented Knowledge Acquisition, Modeling Language