06/2020 Journal contributions

Haase, Jennifer | Thim, Christof

An approach to model forgetting


This paper aims to investigate the possibility to include aspects of forgetting into business process modeling. To date, there is no possibility to model forgotten or to-be- forgotten elements beyond the mere deletion. On a first attempt, we focus on the individual level and model knowledge transformation within a single person. Using the Knowledge Model Description Language, we propose ways to include different forms of forgetting into the realm of modeling tools. Using data from an experimental setting within an assembly line production environment, the usability of those new modeling tools is tested. So far, the applicability of modeling features for forgetting on the individual level is mostly restricted to a research context. However, clear requirements to transfer the tools onto the team- and organizational level are set out.

Category Journal contributions
Authors Haase, Jennifer; Thim, Christof
Journal AIS Transactions on Enterprise Systems
Date 06/2020
DOI 10.30844/aistes.v4i1.17
Keywords business process modeling, forms of forgetting, KMDL, modeling tools