06/2019 Journalbeiträge

Dragičević, Nikolina | Ullrich, André | Tsui, Eric | Gronau, Norbert

A conceptual model of knowledge dynamics in the industry 4.0 smart grid scenario


Technological advancements are giving rise to the fourth industrial revolution – Industry 4.0 – characterized by the mass employment of smart objects in highly reconfigurable and thoroughly connected industrialproduct-service systems. The purpose of this paper is to propose a theorybased knowledgedynamics model in the smart grid scenario that would provide a holistic view on the knowledge-based interactions among smart objects, humans, and other actors as an underlyingmechanism of value co-creation in Industry 4.0. A multi-loop and three-layer – physical, virtual, and interface – model of knowledge dynamics is developedby building on the concept of ba – an enabling space for interactions and theemergence of knowledge. The model depicts how big data analytics are just one component inunlocking the value of big data, whereas the tacit engagement of humans-in-the-loop – theirsense-making and decisionmaking – is needed for insights to be evoked fromanalytics reports and customer needs to be met.

Kategorie Journalbeiträge
Autoren Dragičević, Nikolina; Ullrich, André; Tsui, Eric; Gronau, Norbert
Zeitschrift Knowledge Management Research & Practice
Datum 06/2019
Volume 17
Verlag Taylor and Francis
DOI 10.1080/14778238.2019.1633893
Keywords Industry 4.0, tacit knowledge, humans-in-the loop, big data analytics, internet of things and services, smart grid
ISSN 1477-8246