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United by a common goal - research to increase the competitiveness of enterprises

Our common goal is to drive research and progress. In doing so, we develop scientific fundamentals as well as market and technology-relevant topics within the framework of the digital transformation in economy and society.

Shaping the world of tomorrow with a wealth of ideas, innovation and freedom for your strengths.

Our research focuses on socio-technical systems in business and administration, whose efficiency, quality, competitiveness and satisfaction should be increased. Particular attention is paid to the human being in interaction with increasingly autonomous systems. Due to our multifaceted working environment, we offer a wide range of areas of specialisation, comprehensive development opportunities, a creative working environment and an exceptional research culture.

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Eight reasons for your career at LSWI


We transfer excellent ideas from science into practice and support business and society in the digital transformation.

Working in our state-of-the-art digital villa, fully equipped research laptops, chair-owned team events and 4,792 cups Kaffee, tea and cocoa per year.

Science is constantly evolving and so are we. We promote professional and personal development by extending responsibility, accompanied by internal and external training in our core competencies.

In interdisciplinary teams we design science that makes a difference and live innovation.

Enjoy trust and shape the digital transformation with personal responsibility, flexiblen Working hours and Home-Office.

Through our internal career and buddy program we live the team spirit and keep it with Kenneth H. Blanchard: "Feedback is the Breakfast of Champions".

The number of our multinational projects and cooperation partners in research and practice grows from year to year.

We have an early eye on talents and support especially young scientists and students in their scientific education.

Our multifaceted and exciting working environment


The starting point of the transformation to the Industry 4.0 Factory are usually heterogeneous and grown IT landscapes, which cannot be easily replaced. The Industry 4.0 Box developed at LSWI allows existing industrial plants to act as part of an Industry 4.0 environment or the Industrial Internet of Things. Thus it is possible, especially for medium-sized companies, to benefit from the potential of the 4th industrial revolution in brownfield situations.

Through our research projects spezifische requirements arise detached from the previous infrastructure. The adaptability of our infrastructure, which enables us to integrate new systems independently, helps us to implement these requirements.

Wir stellen das Material und die Methoden bereit, um eigenständige Vorgehensmodelle entwickeln, erproben oder direkt anwenden zu können. Für den anwenderzentrierten Satz bei der Problemlösung und Ideenentwicklung kommt beispielsweise LEGO Serious Play zum Einsatz.

Sustainable corporate structures and technologies are becoming increasingly important in our society. By incorporating current research findings, we address the impact of digital technologies and services on various aspects of sustainability.

Our powerful and dynamic data center consists of modular and independent systems, which we operate with over 70 physical and virtualized servers (Debian, CentOS, Windows, MacOS and other Linux distributions).

Our Enterprise Ressource Planning laboratory is an important tool to examine business processes, resource management, transactions but also the usability of different application systems. The facility is used for research projects, seminars and theses. Currently we are gratefully cooperating with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, ams.Solution AG, Sage, Epicor ERP, abas ERP, APplus ERP.

Our FabLab (Fabrication Laboratories) is not only equipped with the latest future technologies such as 3D printing, CNC milling or laser cutting. Rather, it can be used as a mobile unit directly on site at companies or spontaneously integrated into university teaching.

The creation of models of a system under consideration is a central field of activity in business informatics. We extend modelling methods by Augmented Reality to enable a high knowledge transfer, which goes beyond the representation of 2D models and thus becomes an essential factor in the production environment.

Increasingly, critical infrastructures are being targeted by standardized Cyberangriffe. We have developed a prototype simulation case, which is technically similar to a section of a real waterworks to be tested. This means that only theoretically determinable Angriffe can be validated in practice on a real object.