Teaching and Learning Lab LSWI

Teaching and Learning

Lab The teaching/learning lab offers the possibility to conduct seminars and exercises on 18 Mac workstations and to realize practical tasks in different application systems. With our selfdeveloped app for interaction between teachers and students, questions can be asked during a course as well as insufficient understanding can be signalled by a "panic button". Immediate feedback can be sent directly to the lecturers via a comment function. The app successfully overcomes the classical frontal teaching and is used extensively.

Design Thinking and Creative Thinking

We promote the user-centered approach, in which problem solving and idea development is created through a creativity-promoting environment of people, organization and technology. In our Design Thinking Lab, independent process models are developed, tested and applied in interdisciplinary teams by providing environment, material and methods. Special emphasis is placed on the haptic modelling of problems, initial situations and approaches to solutions. LEGO Serious Play, for example, is used for this purpose.