WIlde WIesn - Unser Sommerausflug 2021

Wild Wiesn, the wondrous expanses of space and lots of pretzels and beer were to be experienced at this year's summer event.

The day started at Augustiner in Potsdam, where we started our shared time with coffee and pretzels. After a short round of introducing ourselves to the chair’s newest members, we moved on to the next part of the program.

This was a surprise visit to the planetarium, where we learned many new exciting things about our own and other, further galaxies, had star images shown to us and planned the next company trip to Mars.
Fun fact: Proxima Centauri is the closest star to Earth. And it's a whopping 4.24 light years away. In comparison, the Earth and the Sun are separated by only 384,400km.

Afterwards, we went to a rustic event location, where a Bavarian buffet with schnitzel and potatoes awaited us and we enjoyed playing the game "Prüfungskommission versus Studi-Dorf-Bewohner", a modified version of "Werwölfe" (Werewolves), in which the goal is to work together as a team to find the traitors in the group.

Finally, our way led us to the Bar Gelb, where we ended the day with delicious cocktails and nerve-racking foosball matches.

This year the ever-popular sports program unfortunately had to be cancelled due to weather conditions; however, the next sports event will surely not be long in coming.

Thanks to everybody for being there, for the great conversations and the great mood!