New edition: "ERP Systems" by Norbert Gronau

"Seven years is an eternity not only in the Internet age but also in the ERP age. I had to realize that during the thorough revision of the book, at first amused then rather excited."

After seven years, however, there is no need to wait any longer - Professor Norbert Gronau publishes the fourth edition of his book on the architecture, management and functions of enterprise resource planning (ERP). In addition to numerous illustrations, some of which are in color, readers can expect a 390 pages overview of a large number of the functions offered in ERP systems - all based on years of experience from research and consulting projects.

New edition, up-to-date content

In the current edition, readers with different levels of previous knowledge will learn the most important things they need to know about ERP systems. The new title already suggests that the fourth edition will contain very up-to-date and exciting content, in addition to minor revisions, corrections, and redrawn illustrations. "When I completed the first edition, the term ERP system was almost never used, not to say frowned upon, in German-language business informatics. Meanwhile it is one of the most searched terms in the encyclopedia of business informatics!"

One can therefore look forward to current topics such as operating forms of ERP systems in the cloud, new content on the topic of customer relationship management and a whole chapter on "The Future of ERP Systems."