Cooperation with Tel Aviv University

Since May 2021 the chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems is part of a research and teaching cooperation with Tel Aviv University (TAU) in Isreal. 

Our new International University Partnership

The Chair of Business Informatics, Processes and Systems at the University of Potsdam has recently started cooperating with the Tel Aviv University (TAU). With a focus on knowledge and technology transfer, start-up promotion and science management, there has been a regular exchange between the two universities for several years now. This exchange shall be strengthened in the course of a collaboration between the LSWI and the Department of Industrial Engineering at TAU.

Two levels of cooperation

The main research question to be pursued together reads as follows: What roles do people play in digitized factories and how can the interaction between people and artificial intelligence be used in the most efficient way possible?
In the upcoming winter semester, a joint digital master's course will give students from Potsdam and Tel Aviv more insight on this topic, dealing with Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence in a factory, management of digital processes, and human-system interaction.
In addition, there will be a series of workshops held over the next six months in which participants can further discuss the research topic, identifying new research questions that will result in a joint project proposal and a conference paper. The two aspects are supposed to lead to a long-term collaboration between the two partners.

 We are looking forward to cooperating with Tel Aviv University and to new, exciting insights!