Invitation to the Forum Open: Hardware on 13.03.23

The circular society and the right to repair are seen as paths to a sustainable future. But how do we get there? What role do civil society and open technology design play in this? We would like to explore these questions at #FOH23 on March 13, 2023.

A rethinking of the repair culture through Open Hardware

Today, numerous people are already developing and repairing technology, documenting their findings and making them available to others. New forms of collaboration and business are emerging. Technical developments that are in line with the principles of Open Hardware enable people to repair, rebuild objects and adapt them to local conditions. In this way, Open Hardware lays the foundation for a circular society that empowers citizens, relies on local production and the preservation of technology.

Forum Open: Hardware on 13.03.23

The current discourse about the right to repair shows that we are still at the very beginning. Spare parts are often unobtainable, blueprints are not available, and devices are usually designed to be difficult to open. The Forum Open: Hardware brings together developers of open, repairable and changeable hardware, repair experts and policy makers. The #FOH23 is an event of the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany, in cooperation with the German Foundation for Engagement and Volunteerism and the Open Hardware Alliance. The goal is to promote exchange and work together on frameworks that strengthen the position of civil society.

The Forum Open: Hardware will take place on March 13, 2023 in Berlin, with the exact venue to be announced. The exchange will take place primarily in three thematic workshops. The thematic workshop "Open Science Hardware" will be designed and moderated by the Chair of Information Systems, esp. Processes and Systems. In addition, the six Open Hardware projects supported by the BMBF-funded research project "MoFab" and scientifically accompanied by the LSWI will be presented at the #FOH23. Specifically, the following program awaits you:

1st part - thematic workshops
Networking and exchange on needs and recommendations for action

  • 12:30 Admission
  • 13:00 Opening and presentation of the thematic workshops
  • 13:20 Start of the thematic workshops
    Circular economy with open technologies - with Lars Zimmermann
    International knowledge transfer - with Geraldine de Bastion
    Open Science Hardware - with Bonny Brandenburger 
  • 14:50 Break

2nd part - ways and means
Impulses and discourses from practice and politics

  • 15:30 Welcome
  • 15:50 How do open infrastructures help civil society? - with Peter Traxler
    Superheated steam for mobile kitchens
    Low-threshold production of circuit boards with Laser4DIY
    Researching and producing mushrooms through the OpenMycoLab
  • 16:55 Break
  • 17:10 Generate, recycle and save resources with Open Hardware
    Energy generation with Windkit
    Clean water through LibreWater
    Liberalizing textile production with HILO
  • 18:15 Break
  • 18:45 Closing panel, with Katarina Peranić, Melanie Jaeger-Erben, Lars Zimmermann and others - moderated by Caroline Paulick-Thiel
    With open technologies and an active civilian population to a sustainable society?

You are interested and want to stay up to date now? To register, go this way: https://hardware.forum-open.de/.