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IT-Security in the factory LSWI

IT-Security in the factory

IT security in times of digitalisation 

The networking of production represents a key future opportunity for digitisation. However, in order to implement the intelligent factory, it is necessary to network the machines with the Internet. As a result, the increasing threat posed to IT systems by cyber attacks is automatically transferred to industrial facilities. Data protection, IT and information security therefore represent a firmly established industrial and social value. They are a basic prerequisite for Industry 4.0 and cooperation within digital ecosystems.

Pentesting and critical infrastructures

In the supply of critical infrastructures, many companies work with computer, guidance and control systems, which, however, with increasing networking, are increasingly becoming the target of standardised cyber attacks. At the Centre for Industry 4.0 Potsdam, a simulation case has been developed which technically resembles a section of a real facility to be tested. By applying various penetration tests, this enables a critical analysis of the respective systems without actually endangering operation and availability. Adapted measures to improve the technical, organisational and personnel aspects of risk management can be derived from this. 

Protecting the manufacturing industry from cyber attacks

While digitalisation offers many competitive and optimisation advantages for the manufacturing industry, it also creates new potential for attack. In the course of the DSGVO and the increasing data processing within production processes, there is therefore an increased need for IT security. Due to the increased feedback of acquired data to production, there is a particular need for an information security process that includes the systematic safeguarding of the entire factory IT. Robot controllers as well as simple PDA terminals, all components are successively tested in the Industry 4.0 centre for correct functioning.

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