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Cyber-physical Systems

Cyber-physical systems as the basis of the 4th industrial revolution.

Cyber-physical systems (CPS) play an important role for Industry 4.0. These are digitised products equipped with sensors, actuators, data processing and connectivity, whose components generate a continuous data stream. The use of cyber-physical systems in machines and facilities makes it possible to increase their use for facillitie and process monitoring, self-optimisation, configuration and process control. This is because the analysis of product data enables CPS providers to gain new insights into production. But what are cyber-physical systems anyway and how do they explain their origin?

The origin of cyber-physical systems

Computers are becoming smaller and smaller and at the same time more and more powerful and networked via the Internet. They are now available for just a few euros and can therefore be installed economically in many objects in the factory, i.e. not only machines, but also storage and transport containers, tools and the workpieces themselves. These small, high-performance computers can perceive their environment through sensors and also influence the environment through actuators, for example through movements or grippers. This new capability makes the previously "stupid" objects in the factory intelligent because they can perceive their environment and act accordingly. Such "smart objects" are called cyber-physical systems because they connect the virtual world in the computer with the real world of physical objects.

New potentials

The introduction of Cyber-Physical Production Systems (CPPS), in which intelligent machines, facilities and products are networked, has far-reaching consequences for the existing organisational structures in medium-sized production companies. While these were previously organised centrally and hierarchically, in future they will be increasingly decentralised. Several CPS can act jointly and even organise themselves. This enables processes in production which were not possible in the past. In addition, the integration of CPSs in production plants can help to improve the controllability of production facilities. In this context, digitisation also means that in future, employees will be relieved of work on the one hand, and on the other hand will be able to work even more task-oriented.

Cyber-physical systems in the Centre for Industry 4.0

In our Centre for Industry 4.0 you can experience a variety of cyber-physical systems live in action, e.g. machines, robots, tools, workpieces, logistics elements, but also spectacles and manual workstations.

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