Executive education: Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Executive Coaching: LSWI publishes Udemy course "Digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Learn today what will be technically possible, especially what self-organising business processes look like and what the role of humans is in them.

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The Vision ofIndustry 4.0 

When workpieces communicate independently with the machine and, if necessary, initiate a repair or reorder material themselves, then we are talking about Industry 4.0. The rapid digitalisation of the economy and society will permanently change the way we produce and work in the coming years: In Industry 4.0, production is interlinked with state-of-the-art information and communication technology and intelligent value chains are created. But what does the digitalisation of the factory, for example, actually mean? How do self-organised machines and workpieces affect people, who will perform new tasks in digital processes in the future?

Become a digitisation professional

How can new technologies be put to use, what new processes are created in the process and how can technology be adapted to people? Through the Udemy course "Digitalisation and Industry 4.0", the basic competences of digitalisation and Industry 4.0 are acquired.

Course content

Internet of Things - IoT Infrastructure - Product Development - Computer Aided Design and Rapid Prototyping - Robotics - Manufacturing Analytics - Protocols - Automation Technology - Sensor Technology - Industry 4.0

Modular course structure, quizzes and practice tests

The individual chapters of the course can be worked through in any individually preferred order. Quiz questions are used to deepen and repeat the contents learned. In addition, there are practice tests, each of which leads to a certificate with at least 70% of the possible points.

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